July 17, 2022:    PUPPIES born July 13, 2022!!!!!!   CH TreeStarr Oracle’s Mick Jagger and CH Buffcap Just Like Fire are the happy parents of this litter of 7!!!    If interested call 860-684-6934 or e-mail  for more information!


June 18, 2022 “Garth”   Buffcap Bellwether Thunder Rolls (CH Buffcap Santa Fe Sunset x Buffcap Laconia Lovin’ Life) born November 22, 2022 went to an ASCA show!  Watch for this young man at the shows coming up!


October 27, 2019 A couple of nice back to back weekends at HMM and Erie Shores!   Bero was shown at HMM and took a BOS. His sister Kindle was shown both weekends and took 3 BOB, 3 BOS, and a Best In Circuit!  Dan and my altered boy Bonus got 2 BOB, 1 BOS, Best Bred By In Circuit, and Best Altered In Circuit at Erie Shores.  Kiara showed Aren for her first time in Agility and did a fantastic job, so proud of both of them!



penny BOB1





September 19, 2019   Very proud of all our dogs and their accomplishments over the past months!!!   Serenade, Romeo and Bero all earned their ASCA Championships.  Serenade earned her AKC Championship.  Swindle earned her WTCH.  And there have been many other agility, rally and herding titles accomplished during this time.  Especially proud of Wynona still going strong at 12 1/2 who just earned her AFTDs and is now HOF WTCH ASCA CH/AKC Bronze GCh Buff Cap Winter Rose AFTDsm OFTDd RTDc !!!!!   Congrats to all for these special dogs!! Bero below earning his Championship!

Bero freestack Pen-NY

January 17, 2019   So proud of Sara Nicolle and “Stella”!!!!!!!   As indicated below, it was not over!   They won BOB in the Owner Handler finals at the National Champion Dog show in Florida!!!

owner handler bob

October 30, 2018      “STELLA”  (AKC GCH/ASCA CH Buff Cap Laconia Every Little Kiss) and Sara Nicolle had a stellar year and it’s not over!!!!!  They achieved a Grand Championship, #6 in the top ten Owner Handler, OH Best In Show, OH Reserve Best In Show, 7 BOB (three Group 3, two Group 4), 10 BOS, 12 Selects, 12 BOH (three Group 1, four Group 2, two Group 3).




“Kindle” (CH Buff Cap Just Like Fire) took a very nice BOB at Harvest Moon ASCA show under Senior Breeder Judge Ann DeChant over a nice group of male and female specials!!!!!


August 23, 2018  Another new Champion!!!!  Liza Jane finished with a 5 point major and BOW at the HONYASC pre-shows!  Kindle took two BOS at the pre-shows and a  Premier at the Specialty.

July 27, 2018        Lots of ASCA and AKC titles/wins since the last update but too many to mention all of them since I have not updated since January.   I will mention one I am very proud of having accomplished myself.   My girl “Kindle” (Buff Cap Just Like Fire) got her first major in April at HONYASC.  Took her to Brandywine shows in May and she got two more majors.  At Colors of Summer in June,  she took another major leaving her with 1 point to finish.   Went to Michigan in the end of June and she finished her Championship at the first show with a 5 point major!!!!!  She took BOW’s every win!!!!!!  The next day she took her first BOB!!!!!!       At Colors of Summer,  “Liza” (Buff Cap A Rose At Dawn) took a 5 point major and BOW’s leaving her with 1 point to finish.    Took “Zander” (Buff Cap For The Love Of Magic) to Sparkler in July.   His first real outing and he managed to take two RWD.   He is owned by Sue Chmael and shown by Dan Thomsen.

January 1, 2018    “Romeo” finished out 2017 with multiple BOB’s, multiple group placements and a group 1, a prestigous USASA regional specialty Best In Show Specialty win and achieved his Grand Championship.   All of this in limited showing after the ASCA Nationals.   Brent and I are so proud of him!!!!!!   Thank you to Meghan Hof for her expert care and handling of Romeo!

November 24, 2017     Exciting news!!!!!!!    Buff Cap is now a USASA Hall of Fame breeder.  The awesome team of Anne Hubbard and “Gillie” went to an AKC herding trial and earned her started title on ducks with a score of 95, 1st in class and a RHIT to earn me the last title I needed for my Hall of Fame designation! 

“Romeo” went to the National Dog Show in Philadelphia with Meghan Hof and took the coveted BOB over top specials!   He is proudly bred by Brent (Laconia Aussies) and I!  Congrats to team Romeo!!!  Grandmom “Swizzle” took BOB twice and one BIS at the National dog show so Romeo is following her pawprints!!!!IMG_4544

“Atasi” represented us at the Texas ASCA Nationals in the Altered Confirmation finals by taking the #1 award!!!!!!   Big congrats to owner Tracey Norrel and handler Maria Neff!   Dreams do come true!IMG_4542

“Romeo”  placed in open black at all preshows including a #1 placement and a #1 at Nationals!   “Serenade” had a 2nd place at a preshow and 3rd at Nationals in open black.  “Macy” owned with Dan took a 4th place in a preshow!   “Atasi” took a Premier at all preshows and Nationals.   “Amber Jean” was entered in one Veterans class at a preshow and took 2nd!IMG_4538

Two more AKC Champions “Jazz” and “Stella”.   They both finished with BOB over specials out of the class!   Stella also was RBIS OH and two OH Group 2!     “Serenade” added more WB, BOW and BOS  and has a few singles to finish AKC.   She also took a lovely 4 point major and BOB in ASCA!   “Carmen” took 5 A-BOB in NY and at Harvest Moon.  “Beanie” finished her CKC Championship at a young age with majors, BOW, BOS over specials and Best Puppy wins.  She also won a large CKC Breeder’s Sweepstakes!!!!   “Ike” earned his ATCH 4 and “Miranda” earned her ATCH 2.   “Meg” has started herding earning 1st on ducks, 4th on sheep, Most Promising Started Aussie and a OFTDm leg.    “Swindle” has taken numerous ASCA BOB’s and BOS’s, earned her STDdsc, OFTDm, and 2 Most Promising Started Aussie.  She also earned a 195 at a preshow to finish her RN.  She was also a MVA qualifier!  “Wynona” continues to get herding titles, and AFTDm and OFTDd!

Congrats to Brent, Dan, Julia, Sara Nicolle, Tara, Heather, Theresa, Lee and Linda and Anne.    Lots of accomplishments, so proud to be a part of all of this!!!!!

July 18, 2017    So much has happened since my January post.     “Pebble” (AKC/ASCA CH. Buff Cap Neon Moon) achieved ASCA HOF dam #530 on February 12!!!!!!    Thanks to Lisa and “Flash” (A-CH Buff Cap Here Comes The Sun) for earning his Rally Masters title so “Pebble” could earn her HOF!  Thanks also to the other folks who put titles on Pebble’s kids!!!       The following has been accomplished in AKC: “Swindle” (Laconia Buff Cap Midnite Rustler at CarMel) in a few shows took majors, BOB from the class and a Group 2 to become a new AKC Champion!   “Jazz” (Laconia Buff Cap Tennessee Rose) won several 5 point majors.  “Meg” (Laconia Buff Cap Jem Appelle at CarMel) won several majors.   “Serenade” (Buff Cap Laconia Love Changes Everything) won several majors and a Herding BBE Group 1!!!!   Congrats to Brent, Heather, Tara and Julia!!!!!!     The following has been accomplished in ASCA:     “Beanie” (Casselcreek Buff Cap Fascinator) won 3 ASCA majors by 8 months of age in 2 weekends.    “Seranade” has several wins including majors.  “Swindle” and “Gypsy” have numerous BOB’s and BOS’s!   “Selena” (Buff Cap Smoldering Rose) picked up another 5 point major!    “Aren” (Buff Cap Laconia Key To The Future)  won a WB for a 4 point major and went BOB!!!!!!   “Bero” Buff Cap Fire On The Mountain has just started shows in May and has earned several RWD to 4 point and 5 point majors and a BOS in a Puppy Sweepstakes!!!   “Sunny” (Buff Cap Arctic Sunset) took a WB, BOW and BOS for a major!     Congrats to Theresa, Brent, Heather,  Janelle and Lisa, and me!!!!!        Congrats to Linda and Lee on “Ike’s” ATCH 3!!!!   Congrats to Anne Hubbard “Gilli” (Laconia Buff Cap Black Gilliflower) on many agility and herding wins.  Among them is a OFTm and Top 20″ dog at a USDAA Eastern Title Mania Trial with 2 silver medals and 2 gold medals!!!!!!  Way to go Anne!   And Judy Van Wyk  and “River” are just starting to have fun and earned a silver medal at the USDAA trial, congrats!!!!    I know there were other accomplishments that I missed, so congrats everyone!   Pictured below are “Aren” “Sunny” “Beanie” and “Bero”!

Aren 2017

Sunny First Major Memorial weekend 2017

Beanie 2017

Bero Colors of Summer 2017

January 23,   2017   This year has started out with a bang!!!!   Heather and “Swindle” picked up their first major at an AKC show.     Brent and “Romeo” went to their first AKC show getting Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners both days earning 5 points and his first major.  The next weekend “Romeo” went to the prestigous specialties in Novi, Michigan.   He took WD at both specialties for two 5 point majors finishing his Championship in his first two weekends out!!!!!!!!    Congrats to Brent and me on our boy, we are so proud!


January 1, 2017    Another year has gone by but I wanted to congratulate some folks and dogs on their wins and titles in the fall and winter of 2016!     Congrats to Lee and Linda on “Ike” getting his GV-E-SP and his ATCH II and “Miranda” on her RS-E-OP and JS-E-SP and her ATCH!!!!!!  Congrats to Lisa on “Selena’s” RNX and “Flash” on two RM’s legs!!!!!  Congrats to Anne and “Gilli” on all her titles, she snuck in a JS-N!!!!!  Congrats to Melissa on “Swindle” at an International show taking 4 BOB, 4 Group 1 BBX, 3 Group 2, 1 Group 3, 1 BBX Best In Show, 2 RBIS, and one new International CH!!!!!!   Congrats to Sara and “Stella” on her UKC National Specialty Winner, Best In Show UKC, UKC Group 1, UKC Grand Champion, and #10 Aussie in UKC and a 197/200 for a rally first leg!  At the December HONYASC, “Amber” took A-BOB, “Liza” took RWB to a 5 point major, “Bero” took BOSP and Janelle and “Kindle” took 2 BOBP!!!!!!  Looking forward to a successful 2017!!!!!!!


October 25, 2016  Many new titles and wins!!!!    Congratulations to all on your successes!    Big congratulations to Anne Hubbard on many herding titles and legs in addition to agility titles with Gillie.  Her name is now Laconia Buff Cap Carmel Black Gilliflower STDsd OTDd HSAs RSO GSN RSN.  Brent and Gypsy have accomplished an AKC CH and STDcd OTDs OFTDm, what a team!!!!!  Another great team Sara and Stella (Buff Cap Laconia Every Little Kiss) garnered their UKC CH and ASCA CH with all majors!!!!!  Laconia Buff Cap Tennessee Rose went to an AKC show with Julia and got her first AKC points!  Congratulations to Francine and Katherine on their Trace daughter Alaska taking a 5 point major at Harvest Moon!!!!    Pictured below Arusha BOSP at specialty, Flash ASCA CH., Gypsy, and Selena AKC win.

August 25, 2016   We had an amazing time at the HONY Regional Specialty.   Janelle Andrade took a major with Flash (Buff Cap Here Comes The Sun) to finish his altered championship!!!!!     Liza Jane (Buff Cap A Rose At Dawn)  took a 5 point major at the Regional Specialty under Joyce Siddall with Dan Thomsen handling.  Arusha (Bellwether Buff Cap This Girl Is On Fire) took 3 BOBP and a BOSP at the Specialty with Dan!!!!!


Out in Wisconsin, another amazing weekend at the Outback show.   Swindle (Laconia Buff Cap Midnight Rustler at CarMel) and Heather took a BOB!  Romeo (Laconia Buff Cap Past Reflections) and Brent took two 3 point majors  and BOW’s!!!!   Gypsy (Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose) and Brent took two BOS’s and earned her OFTDm and OTDs.  And back here at an AKC show, Janelle and Selena (Buff Cap Smoldering Rose) took their first AKC points and BOS!

 August 3, 2016   Lots of July wins!!!!  Amber rocked at the ASCA Sparkler taking three  A-BOB’s !!  Carmen was entered one day and took a very nice BOS!    Amber’s grandkids from Ian x Mindy made their debut with Dan taking BOBP and BOSP’s!   Out in Wisconsin, Gypsy took BOB and BOS’s and Stella and Sara took two majors toward her ASCA CH.   Only 1 point to go!!!!!    Eleanore and “Charming” (Buff Cap Arctic Whimsy) got her CD at the July AKC shows at 15 months of age!!!!   Lisa and Flash got a 197 and 190 for two legs toward his Rally Excellent title and Selena got 197 and 198 for two legs toward her Rally Novice title!    Congrats to all!!!!


June 13, 2016   More recent wins!    Sara and “Stella” (Buff Cap Laconia Every Little Kiss) out did themselves by taking Best Female, BOB, Group 1, and a Best In Show at a UKC show on June 4!!!!!!  Great job you two!!!!     “Amber Jean” was well represented by her daughters at our Colors of Summer ASCA show.   Buff Cap A Rose At Dawn (Liza Jane) took WB and BOW under Gail Karamalegos for a 4 point major with me handling.   Buff Cap Smoldering Rose (Selena) took WB under Ronnie Bates for a 5 point major with Janelle Andrade handling!   Congrats to Janelle, Lisa and John!!!!   Congrats also to Sue Chmael for Buff Cap Santa Fe Horizon (Niguel) RWD with Dan Thomsen handling!     Brent had an outstanding weekend!   In the herding arena Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose (Gypsy) got a started duck title, a first leg on sheep, 2 Most Promising Aussie, High In Trial on sheep, High In Trial Aussie, High In Trial, and High Combined!   What makes this more remarkable is that she then went to the Conformation Ring and earned 3 BOB’s and one BOS!!!  Our little “Kristina” son “Romeo” showed for the first time with Brent and took WD and BOW for a 4 point major and RWD the other 3 shows.   And not to be outdone,  Laconia Buff Cap Jem’Appelle At CarMel (Meg) took WB and BOW for a 4 point major to finish her ASCA Championship with Brent handling.   Congrats to Tara on her girl.  And back here in the East, Anne Hubbard with Laconia Buff Cap Carmel Black Gilliflower (Gilli) has earned her PT title in herding and a qualifying leg toward her OFTDs!   Good job Anne!!!!  Congrats to Brent, Me, and Heather on Meg’s and Gillie’s accomplishments! 

June 2016 4 PT Major (2)

June 3, 2016  The past month brought some more awesome wins!!  The next time “Ian” was out at an AKC show (and out of coat!!!!), he finished his Championship from the Bred By class with a BOB and 5 consecutive wins!   Congrats to Heather, Brent and me on “Swindle’s”  third 5 point major to finish her ASCA Championship with Heather handling!!!!!  “Amber” went to an ASCA show and took 5 out of 6 altered BOB’s!   And a big congrats to Tracey and “Atasi” on his AKC Bronze Championship!!!!

  win5 (2)

13237740_10154164228362999_4247102256357142503_n (2)

Pen-NY2016May (2)

May 2, 2016  A few recent awesome wins!   “Pepin”  is now AKC/ASCA CH Laconia Buff Cap Painted Warrior having won a 4 point major and BOS over specials to finish his AKC Championship!!!!!  ASCA CH Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose won WB and BOW for a 3 point major at an AKC show!   Congrats Brent!!!!!  “Ike” Buff Cap Manifesto earned his ATCH!!!!!!!!!   Congratulations Lee and Linda!!    “Ian” had a wonderful weekend at AKC shows.   He was WD at all 3 shows for a 4 point major over a special and a 3 point major and BOW.   He needs one point to finish his AKC Championship!!!!!!!

March 21, 2016  Nice day in Seekonk at the ASCA show!    “Niguel” (Buff Cap Santa Fe Horizon) an Ian x Aada son turned 1 year old on the 20th and also got his first major!!!!!  Thanks to Dan for his excellent handling and congratulations to Sue Chmael who loves and adores him!   Congrats to Francine, Tim and Katherine on “Gronk” (Trace x Penny son) taking Reserve to Niguel.    Congrats to Andrade’s on “Selena’s” (Buff Cap Smoldering Rose)  Reserve to a 5 point major, awesome job handling goes to Janelle!!!!!!     The weekend before in Wisconsin at the Rock River ASCA show was amazing!!   “Meg” (Laconia Buff Cap Jem Appelle CarMel) took two 5 point majors and BOW’s  and “Gypsy” (Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose) took BOB and BOS!   Congrats to Tara, Heather and Brent on a great weekend.     Congrats to Francine showing “Alaska” to a RWB at the Regional Specialty in New Jersey!!!!!!





February 8,  2016    Awesome weekend!!  Atasi showed at AKC shows in Atlanta garnering a Select, BOS and BOB!!!!!!!!   He is on his way to his Bronze!  Congrats Tracey on all his accomplishments.    Big Congrats to Dan and Mindy Sue.   In just 2 weekends since November 23, Mindy has gotten BOB, BOS’s and Selects finishing her Grand Championship at Eastern States on February 6th.     Ian took a WD and BOW for a 4 point major on February 7th at Eastern States!



November 23, 2015    Big Congrats to Dan and Mindy (AKC/ASCA CH.Buff Cap B’Dazzling) on two 5 point major Grand Champion Select points last weekend at the AKC shows!  Congrats to Brenda and Buff Cap Alluring Rose (Izzie) on her WB win at ASCA shows last weekend.

First ASCA win

November 13, 2015  Great weekend at an ASCA show in Wisconsin.   Sara showed Buff Cap Laconia Every Little Kiss (Stella) to a 5 point major and BOW’s,  Heather showed Laconia Buff Cap Midnight Rustler at CarMel (Swindle) to a RWB to a 5 point major, Brent showed Buff Cap Christmas Joy to several WB and BOS’s for Amber,  and he showed Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose (Gypsy) to a 5 point major to finish her Championship in very limited showing!!!!!!!    Congrats to all!  


October 28, 2015  Back from ASCA Nationals in Tennessee.   Proud of “Amber” and “Sunny” at Pre-shows and Nationals.   Amber took Altered Premiers and Sunny placed in 6 – 9 bitches.  Amber won the only Veteran class she was entered in.    Proud of all the dogs and their owners who did so awesome at Nationals:  Wynona took BOS WTCH and Veterans, Selena took class placements,  Flash took class wins and placements, Meg and Gypsy took class placements, Stella won the 15 – 18 Sweepstakes and a class placement, Alaska (Trace x Penny) took many class placements.     Big congrats to Tracey and Atasi for their recent BIS and BOS at the 6th Italian Australian Shepherd National Specialty and their #3 placement Owner Handler 2015!

Nationals 2015Nationals 2015 VeteransNationals 2015 2Nationals 2015 win2015 NationalsNationals 2015Selena with Dan 2015 Nationals_2L17872Nationals 2015Meg Nationals 2015Gypsy Rose 2015 NationalsSweepstakes 2015 NationalsNationals 201512188959_10204469734578127_4437585755560512956_nBOS in Italy

August 23, 2015  I am so proud of my girls at the recent HONYASC Regional Specialty!   Amber Jean (CH Buff Cap Forever Amber) won altered BOB under Deb St. Jacques, Ann DeChant and AKC judge Dave Kittridge at the specialty,  all over a large group of nice specials!!!!   Sunny (Buff Cap Arctic Sunset) won a large 4 – 6 class under all judges and the sweepstakes and a BOSP at the Specialty!!!!!!   Dan and Mindy (ASCA CH/AKC CH Buff Cap B’Dazzling) took a nice BOS under Deb St.Jacques and a Premier at the Specialty!!!!  Janelle and Flash (Buff Cap Here Comes the Sun) took a Best Junior Handler and several RWD!!!!!

DSC_1600DSC_0753 (2)DSC_1628

Dan and Mindy took several selects at recent AKC shows for points toward her Grand.  Tracey and Atasi (ASCA CH /AKC GCH Buff Cap Neon Lights)  had a great weekend at an AKC show with Atasi jumping 18 times and qualifying for the Eukanuba National Championship, taking 2 selects and an OH Group 1.   Brent and Wynona and Gypsy had an awesome weekend at an ASCA show.    Wynona (WTCH ASCA CH/  AKC Bronze GCH Buff Cap Winter Rose OFTDsm RTDc)   earned her OFTm title and then went to the Breed ring to take a BOB and a BOS!!!!!   Her daughter Gypsy Rose (Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose) earned her STDs title and took two 3 point majors and BOW’s!    Wynona’s daughter’s  Swindle (Laconia Buff Cap Midnight Rustler at CarMel) and Meg (Laconia Buff Cap Jem’Appelle at CarMel) took turns taking Reserve’s at every show!!!!!    Congrats to all you achieve with your dogs,   I am so proud!!!!!


July 26, 2015   Aada x Ian pups had a good time at Sparkler.    Sunny (Buff Cap Arctic Sunset)  took 4 BOBp and her brother Niguel (Buff Cap Santa Fe Horizon) took 2 BOSp.   Congrats to Dan and Mindy (Buff Cap B’Dazzling) on a very well deserved BOS over a large group of very nice specials!!!!!    Congrats also are in order to a great team, Buff Cap and Laconia, and our co-owners!   Big congrats to Sara Nicole who showed her Stella (Buff Cap Laconia Every Little Kiss) to her second AKC BOB for her second major over specials.   Awesome job ladies!!!!!   Brent showed Pepin (Laconia Buff Cap Painted Warrior) to two AKC WD and BOS over specials!  And another awesome job by Heather (CarMel), who co-bred our Smoke x Wynona litter, and showed her Swindle (Laconia Buff Cap Midnight Rustler at CarMel) to her second 5 point ASCA major at 9 months of age!!!!!  Good job by all!!!!!!  Sunny and Niguel pictured below.

Sunny Sparkler Sparkler Siblings Beautiful Sunny2

June 14, 2015    The last couple of weekends have had more exciting wins.  Liza Jane was shown by Dan at an ASCA show and she took RWB to a 5 point major.  Alaska (Alias’ Gold Rush – Trace x Penny) won BOB puppy with Katherine.       I am very excited that Mindy (Buff Cap B’Dazzling) is now an AKC Champion!!!!   Congrats to Dan on all his hard work.    Brent, Heather and Tara had an awesome ASCA show!   Bam Bam (Laconia Buff Cap Past Reflections) took 3 BOBP and 1BOSP.  Wynona (Buff Cap Winter Rose) trialed and showed one day only earning a OFTDm leg and went from the herding arena to take BOB!!!!!  Zeke (Laconia Buff Cap Native Son) took his third 5 point major to finish his ASCA Championship!  Gypsy (Laconia Buff Cap Gypsy Rose) earned a started cattle leg and took a RWB.   Swindle (Laconia Buff Cap Midnight Rustler at CarMel) took a RWB to a 5 point major and a WB for a 5 point major out of the 6 – 9 class and her sister Meg (Laconia Buff Cap Jem’Appelle at CarMel) took two RWB.   Gypsy, Zeke, Swindle and Meg are all Wynona babies!!!!





May 31, 2015  Ian was WD at an AKC show on Saturday!   Congrats to Amber on her Chloe taking WB for her second ASCA major!!!!!!11214027_1030269953657542_1554118313262426082_n

May 28, 2015  Many exciting wins for Buff Cap dogs in the past several months.  Dan and Mindy took a BOB at an AKC show.   Only 2 singles to go!!!!!     Stella and Sara Nicole have been doing awesome.  In a handful of AKC and ASCA shows,  Stella has taken several Reserve’s to majors including a RWB at a herding specialty at 6 months of age, a 3 point major at an ASCA show and a BOB for a major at 10 months.   Flash has had several banner weekends.   He took his second altered major with Janelle and he earned 4 titles with Lisa in one weekend (Beginner Novice, CD, Rally Advanced, and Rally Advanced Excellent) and a High in Trial!!!!!!  Atasi has been taking Group 1’s and Group placements at AKC shows but is spending his spare time dock diving!   He just recently got his Dock Senior and Dock Master titles with excellent distances!!!!!!!!    The Pragers and Ike and Miranda have earned many recent Agility titles.  Miranda just earned her RS-O,  Ike is currently ranked in the top for ASCA finals.   Congratulations to all of you and your wonderful dogs!!!!

BOB AKC BOBASCA first majorHerding Specialty RWB win photo11149336_1076198885741009_2567271050168633117_nHONYASC M19585_1005074679510403_8085314105809711502_ndockdiving

February 1, 2015   Congratulations to Dan and I on “Mindy” (Buff Cap B’Dazzling) taking her second major at an AKC show today!!!!!   Scan_Pic0001

January 12, 2015  Big CONGRATULATIONS to Linda and Lee Prager on earning an ATCH for “Denver” (A-CH Buff Cap Cowboys Like Us) at the ASCA agility trials this past weekend!!!!!!!


December 17, 2014   Before 2015 gets here, I need to add some big congratulations to some Buff Cap dogs.   At recent shows, “Carmen” took WB, BOW, BOS for a 4 point major over 3 bitch specials (two BIS winners) and WB, BOW, BBE, BBE Herding Group 2 for a 3 point major to finish her AKC Championship.   She is now AKC/ASCA CH. Buff Cap Chase The Moon.  “Flash” (Buff Cap Here Comes The Sun) took RWD at a pre-show in Texas, congrats to Janelle on her excellent handling and the rest of the Andrade team.  Tracey and “Atasi” are continuing with some great wins, another BOB and Group 1 at a recent AKC show.   Carmen, Flash and Atasi are all siblings!!!!!!!     More congrats to Linda and Lee on Miranda’s (ASCA CH Buff Cap Timeless) new obedience titles, JS-E and GS-E, and Ike (Buff Cap Manifesto) on his, GS-E!!!!!!!

Scan_Pic0003 (2)web

Nationals 2014 RWDweb

New grand championweb

Pebble pictured below with ribbons from one of her many Best In Circuit wins!

Wynona with me and my Hall of Fame Kennel sign and with Brent winning a BOS at a Pre-show!!!

Sophie and Val were #1 and #5 in the Nationals Altered Confirmation Finals and Wynona was #9 in the Intact Confirmation Finals!!

The girls, Sophie, Wynona, Capri and Val with all their winning ribbons!!!!

Sophie #1 in the Altered Confirmation Finals!





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