Tribute To Moon




JUNE 11, 1991 – AUGUST 26, 2003

You are not the first to leave us, and you won’t be the last,

Our friends say our sorrow will soon be a thing of the past.

There are so many other wonderful dogs living with us that share our love too,

But there is not one that can replace the many things we loved about you.

I can’t help remembering your heart, your beautiful face and your warm ways,

Now that you have been away from me a number of days.

I cherish the memories of our canoe trips with you in your sun hat,

And how beautiful you were laying on your custom made mat.

There were so many who looked at your color and couldn’t help but stare,

But all of your friends knew you were special, they didn’t care.

You never treated anyone who came to our door as a stranger,

I often wondered what you would do if anyone ever presented danger.

You were so smart and awesome working with me on the obedience routine,

Gil always said you were the smartest dog he had ever seen.

We have shared so much love and fun with you over the years,

Your leaving us so soon has brought many tears.

We will love you forever and we miss you so much,

It is so strange not having you here to touch.

Moon, I still can’t believe I held you in my arms for the last time, my love,

But we know you are an angel in heaven above.


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