Gil's Page


October 11, 1950 – January 4, 2005

To Gil …………..

Felix left us in the winter and the summer took our Moon,

then you decided in the New Year it was your turn all too soon.

The horses pranced in their paddocks and began to neigh,

the dogs were uneasy as if they all knew it was your last day.

You always loved the horses and the dogs so much,

they are all still anxiously waiting to hear your voice and feel your touch.

You endured so much but kept showing your horses to reach your goal,

Even though the cancer was ravaging your body, it couldn’t touch your soul.

You always supported me at dog shows and insisted that we go to Maine,

You told me you wanted to see me show one last time before there was too much pain.

Breathing was difficult and walking was a hard act,

yet you managed to shop for Christmas presents in your wheel chair with much tact.

Even in the midst of all your pain and your struggle with life,

you always had a smile and told everyone how much you loved your wife.

Even though you wanted to live far beyond this year,

just know that you were an inspiration and touched many lives in your time here.

Whenever I feel sad about you not being here and start to cry,

I think about you riding Felix with Moon by your side on the big trail in the sky.

Even though you are not physically with us here,

Every day I know that you are always very near.

……………… From Nancy with Love

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